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New Album!!
Yours Sincerely

So, here it is, my first full album ‘Yours Sincerely’.
You can preview the tracks album first and then download it for £3 off the link below, which includes the music in a number of formats (mp3, wav, apple lossless etc), lyrics and the artwork.
I’d like to thank Ben Hinds whom played piano on the album, Rob Binder whom played drums on the album, Alison Lingley for the artwork she’s created (her page can be found here Tales From The Doghouse) & Dean Oxley whom co-wrote the song ‘This Old Town’.
The album took quite a while to do, as i wrote everything, recorded almost everything & mix/mastered everything, so please share this, to let as many people know. Thank you & hope you like it.

My first albums out ‘Yours Sincerely’
Find it at

As i’ve finished a week early, i’ll be putting out my first album tomorrow! So keep an eye out.
I’ll be putting it on my Bandcamp page (which you can also get my piano E.P off for free) -

My first album, sitting comfy between Ben Howard & @biffy_clyro
Mmm healthy ..

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My first full album ‘Yours Sincerely’ is finally complete!Going to put it out in 2 weeks.Heres the back of the album, showing song names.
Grandad re-proposing after 50 years of marriage.
Gran & Grandads 50th anniversary today!!
Had this spare, so being resourceful.
Yeomans is officially closing … The mannequins are down.
If you need your festival essentials, pop by & get them cheap.
Incase you didn’t know, I’ve been writing & recording an album as part of my dissertation (& because it’s about time I put some music out).
Anyway, here’s some drafts & ideas of my album cover (a teaser of what it will end up looking like). All art done by Alison Lingley.